Frequent Questions

During our Engagement I would like to meet you in public, but I’m concerned about being noticed in the public eye. Can you dress Low Key or wear Business Attire?

– Absolutely! During our Engagement together I want you to be the most relaxed and comfortable as possible. I do take dress requests, but always dress very classy and elegantly unless specific attire requests are requested.

Do you like engagements that are in public including Dinner Dates hitting the town having cocktails, Going to opera show, Casino Dates, or a Formal Event?

– Yes! I actually prefer our time together to be a longer arrangement, especially if it’s our first time meeting each other. I prefer to get to know you a little better before the fun starts over some stimulating conversation.

I’m nervous about giving you your donation in public or in private, what are you most comfortable with me going about this?

– Please put the donation in an unsealed envelope in the restroom if we are meeting each other first in private as soon as you come in and freshen up. If we are first meeting in public, no worries at all! Please put the donation in an envelope or in a card that’s inside a envelope and please put it in a Gift Bag please as if we are meeting each other in public to celebrate my belated
Birthday dinner or as if you are my best friend giving me a gift.

Do you like Couples? And see Couples?

– Yes! I love spending time with couples that are fun and down to earth. Please do not be shy to ask! I see couples frequently!

Can I just Call or Text you instead of Email?

– No! Please Understand Gentlemen that email is the most efficient way to get in touch with me first, until you are verified unless I have already met you in person before or we know each other very well! No Calls or Texts Will Be Responded Back Too!!

Is your Consideration Packages Negotiable or Do you offer any Specials?

– The Answer to that Gent is Absolutely No!! My rates are non negotiable at all! So please don’t even bother or waste your time by even emailing me!

Do I really have to fill out the Booking/Screening form? I’m a really private person and concerned about my Confidentiality?

– Please Gentlemen Understand that all of your Information is kept absolutely 100 percent Confidential Between Myself and you Only! Please understand that the slight screening process is only for my safety & precaution reasons only to make sure that I’m completely comfortable and ok with seeing you! Nothing Else! I do Accept all P411 & RSVS Members! Please Understand Gents that I do prefer Quality over Quantity meaning that I only see Gentlemen who are of high caliber and am a very Low Volume Elite Exclusive Luxury Worldwide Companion who tends to keep a very small circle of contact with whom I tend to see, which are usually Gents that have known me for quite some time or many years!

Are you looking for a possible relationship or do you want a Boyfriend/Husband possibly where I may have a chance to be with you?

– Gents please Understand that I’m not looking for any relationship at all! I keep my personal life absolutely 100 percent Confidential between myself and me only!!! I do not with so ever and have never in the past mixed Business with Pleasure!! Please respect and understand that I do have my own private life & family just like everyone else on this planet! I’m living my best life ever and I’m very happy & content!


Base City:

Manhattan NYC, but am available Worldwide & am always Passport Ready! Need To Fly Me To You no worries Im always available with my Passport within 48hr notice!

Favorite Destinations

NYC, L.A./ Orange County, Las Vegas, Miami/Ft.Lauderdale, Washington D.C., Tysons Corner, Dubai, London, Italy, France, Ukraine, Russia, The Bahamas, Bora Bora.

Anastasia L'Amour