Gentlemen I’m looking forward to our Rendezvous together. I always believed in treating people the way that I always wanted to be treated; with respect and simple human decency. I believe in always giving back to the people that treat and respect me the most, because one hand always washes the other. And the more good and generosity you bring to the world always comes back times fold in so many positive ways. I’m going to list common sense etiquette decency that I expect from you as soon as our engagement starts.


• Please Don’t Negotiate the Donation that you have agreed too prior to our Engagement. As soon as our Engagement starts within the first 5 mins of meeting please leave the unsealed envelope in the restroom as you wash your hands or before you freshen up.


• Please Understand Gents that even though you have arranged our engagement together through me independently and not through Lourdes Enterprise or AlluringIntros doesn’t mean that I don’t have anyone know my exact location and time of our engagement together. So if any awkward or feeling of me being uncomfortable in any way where I feel unsafe or where no means no then our Engagement will be terminated immediately with no refund!


• Gentlemen when filling out my Booking Form and listing Lourdes Enterprise or AlluringIntros as one of your References when Absolutely knowing for a Fact that I’m one of their Exclusive Models, meaning that they take good care of me very well by doing my Screening & Bookings as well as much more means do not even bother by thinking that I’m going to book you independently!


• Because that is totally disrespectful and a slap in the face where I will never and have never once booked any gentlemen who has listed one of the agencies where I’m an Exclusive Model of theirs! I will never and have never once risked or will ever jeopardize my job, relationship, or reputation. So if you are a member of either Agency please Book Me Exclusively through them & do not even put me in that situation!


Base City:

Manhattan NYC, but am available Worldwide & am always Passport Ready! Need To Fly Me To You no worries Im always available with my Passport within 48hr notice!

Favorite Destinations

NYC, L.A./ Orange County, Las Vegas, Miami/Ft.Lauderdale, Washington D.C., Tysons Corner, Dubai, London, Italy, France, Ukraine, Russia, The Bahamas, Bora Bora.

Anastasia L'Amour